Privacy Policy

Our policy is to keep personal information like email address, user ID or contact details and payment details very confidential and private but only for keep update and improving database based on customer’s category and purchase history.

Note that the contact details and payment method information are required for to complete purchasing process and refund issue.

The information provided by users are quietly secured by us and the graphicpup authority will not use or share data in any circumstance even to the advertiser.

Users are not bound to post their personal data without username, password and email. So just be alert to provide personal data in website comment or in forum. People can get email address from website and can try to contact offsite. You have to be alert to provide any data off the site. If you want, this site authority is not responsible for any collapse.

If you think graphicpup authority fails to have the privacy, then please contact to the authority to have a discussion.